Celtic Fire

This digital artwork was made to use as an example on my website of how I can take a regular photo of a person and…

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Fantasy Portrait - Before & After

Custom Portraits & Artwork Commissions

Here is a sample of different portrait styles and to show you my range as a digital artist. My studio motto is ‘if you can…

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Mystical Willow

I have been experimenting lately with combining my fantasy compositions with double exposure techniques. My exploration in this expansion resulted in the beautiful ‘Mystical Willow’…

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Red and the Big Bad City

‘Red and the Big Bad City’ is just a whimsical piece I made after day dreaming about the Red Riding Hood fairytale. I imagined what…

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The Ice Elf

The ‘Ice Elf’ is a fantasy piece that is inspired by my feeling I get around this time of year, wondering if winter will ever…

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The Water Nymph

My piece ‘The Water Nymph’ was the result of my experimentation with under water effects. This experimental piece in my opinion turned out rather well…

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