What comes to mind when we hear the name “Janis Joplin”? Psychedelic Rock? Drugs? Woodstock? There are many things that float to the surface of our minds when we hear that name. Although, I think that there is one thing we can all agree on, Janis was an icon of the 1960’s. This is what I wanted to convey in my portrait of her.  I chose  a psychedelic colour palette that was signature of the 60’s, selecting watercolour as the medium, to give the piece a Tye-died look.  I thought it would be fitting to place the artwork on an old stained, yellowing sheet of paper to symbolize a long forgotten memory that had been folded up, placed in a drawer, fading, waiting to be stumbled upon at some point in the future where it would be lovingly unfolded, looked at and remembered. The last element that would bring this abstract portrait to its completion was to incorporate blotchy, drippy colour layers to represent the chaotic “hot mess” that was Janis.

You can purchase this artwork on select fashion, home decor and gift items through my ‘Art of Where’ store where I’ve posted my design for purchase and you can also scroll through my Pinterest board to view items featuring this design.

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