My name is Sandy Richter and I confess I am a geek at heart and I have been told that I’m a very creative and imaginative person. (That’s what people mean when they call you weird, right?)

I’ve always had computers in my life. I started working with them in high school and have been involved with the computer world in one way or another ever since. I started out coding and network troubleshooting, where I met my partner Yossarian, and over the years my work has transitioned into the artistic end of the technology spectrum.  I’ve also had a life-long passion for photography as well — combine these elements together and you have a happy and fulfilled Digital Artist, living and working at my studio in the Ottawa Valley, in Ontario, Canada.

I specialize in digital mixed media, paintings, and photo manipulations. Commissioned artwork includes custom portraits,  illustrations, and other projects for both digital and print use. My work explores many genres including contemporary, figurative, abstract and fantasy.

The ‘Sandy Richter Studios’ website is dedicated to all things art! Whether it be one of my creations or my appreciation of someone else’s artistic expression, you will find it here. I feel that art is everywhere you look and basically when you think about it ‘Life is Art! So… you will find art in many forms at the studio website. My aim is to be entertaining and informative.

If you are the curious sort and want to know more about me and my interests beyond the world of art I have a personal blog as well called ‘Dancing in the Rain’. Stop by and say hi!



January 6, 2016

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