The Monarch Guardians

In this piece I am exploring adding the double exposure technique to my fantasy art style. This work is called ‘The Monarch Guardians’. I love…

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Bound by Love

This digital abstract portrait is called ‘Bound by Love’. There is a lot of symbolism in this piece showing how the feeling of romantic love…

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Flower Spirit

‘Flower Spirit’ came about from my learning the digital art ‘double exposure’ technique.  I liked the way this piece turned out and decided to share…

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Afternoon at the Gallery

This digital collage piece was inspired by a very cool vintage photo that I found online of a lady shopping while walking a cheetah. I…

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Red and the Big Bad City

‘Red and the Big Bad City’ is just a whimsical piece I made after day dreaming about the Red Riding Hood fairytale. I imagined what…

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Love is in the Air

I made this piece just in time for valentine’s day! This is a surreal fantasy digital mixed media piece that I’ve made that depicts a…

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The Ice Elf

The ‘Ice Elf’ is a fantasy piece that is inspired by my feeling I get around this time of year, wondering if winter will ever…

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Prisoner of Time

This piece is a digital fantasy photo composition depicting a ghost who is reliving the same horrifying last moments of her life over and over.…

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Celtic Goddess Cessair

This fine art piece is a fantasy digital photo manipulation, depicting the Celtic goddess Cessair the leader of the first inhabitants of Ireland, before the…

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The Spy

This piece is a fantasy digital photo composition depicting a girl who is spying on the inhabitants of this little dwelling found in the woods.…

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The Water Nymph

My piece ‘The Water Nymph’ was the result of my experimentation with under water effects. This experimental piece in my opinion turned out rather well…

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Tranquility at Sunset

This art piece is a fantasy digital photo manipulation depicting a young fairy that has just landed in a poppy field at sunset to gather…

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Watercolour Zebra

My Zebra piece was one of those happy accidents that artists have from time to time. I was practicing some digital watercolouring techniques that I…

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Sunrise – A Subtle Cinemagraph

Sunrise is an artwork of a deer at golden hour during the brief few moments in the first burst of sunrise just before the mist…

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Forest of Regrets

The Forest of Regrets

This fine art piece is a surreal fantasy photo composition depicting the queen of hearts and her regrets over past actions. She is a shallow…

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MidKnight Ride

MidKnight Ride

This fine art piece is a digital photo composition in the fantasy genre, depicting a knight riding through the forest at midnight on a quest.…

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Night & Day

Night & Day

This is a mixed media artwork that I made depicting the face of night represented by the moon on one side and the face of…

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Fairy of Spring

Fairy of Spring

This fine art piece is a fantasy digital photo composition depicting a fairy that has just landed on the ground, bringing with her the unfolding…

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Alice's Grace

Alice’s Grace

This fine art piece is a digital collage depicting Grace Slick with characters and symbols from the world of Lewis Carrolle’s book ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

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Take 5

Take 5

In this artwork I wanted to convey the ache, blisters and pain that a dancer is subject to after hours of dancing and to get…

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