Day Dreamer

My artwork entitled “Day Dreamer” has special meaning for me; a portrait of my daughter, a young girl in quiet contemplation, transporting herself somewhere else, in place, in time, in imagination.  I love to day dream, it’s a trait I cherish, and it helps me with my art creations.  I wanted to express this in the artwork;  the magic and wonder that is felt in a day dream.  I get this feeling when I thumb through a classic storybook that I remember from childhood, which led me to choose a vintage illustrative quality for this work.  I wanted to set the scene of a girl as heroine in a book in the first chapter of the story, where she gazes off into the distance, moments before the day dream magic starts, transporting her to another world; a metaphor for a moment of peace, tranquility, and meditation, before life propels us forward into new adventures and possibilities.

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