Sad Lady

My inspiration for this piece was motivated by my desire to make a portrait that hearkened from the days of the old Victorian romance novels. I started the process by thinking about the heroine of the story and asking myself questions such as, what would she look like? How would she be dressed?  With the most difficult question of them all being, how could I convey the tragedy and heartbreak that is at the foundation of every great Victorian romance? By answering these queries my artwork started to take form. I decided she should be a classic dark haired beauty with a hint of Gothic mystery, she also needed to have grace and style to carry off the beautiful lines of the fashion of that era. Her face needed to reflect the sadness of her story and the dark and moody colour palette was chosen to heighten the melancholy. The final goal of the finished piece was to have the audience, ponder as they look upon the artwork, reflect and wonder …… why is the lady so sad? Did I succeed?

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