“We Are the Halluci Nation”

This video is awesome!

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The Monarch Guardians

In this piece I am exploring adding the double exposure technique to my fantasy art style. This work is called ‘The Monarch Guardians’. I love…

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Could it be Us?

I would like to share with you today a very creatively done dance video choreographed by D-Trix and performed by D-Trix and the very talented…

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Forest of Regrets

The Forest of Regrets

This fine art piece is a surreal fantasy photo composition depicting the queen of hearts and her regrets over past actions. She is a shallow…

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The Amazing Marble Machine!

Wintergatan is a folktronica band from Göthenburg, Sweden. They have just released an awesome youtube video that premiered on February 29, 2016. I think this…

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Elation in the Dance

Elation in the Dance

This fine art piece is a contemporary illustrative work, depicting a couple that is lost in the dance as if they are the only two…

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Before the Concert

Before the Concert

This fine art piece is a digital photo fantasy composition, depicting two characters that are from the Victorian era, stiffly posing with no expression for…

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