Forest of Regrets

The Forest of Regrets

This fine art piece is a surreal fantasy photo composition depicting the queen of hearts and her regrets over past actions. She is a shallow…

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Take 5

Take 5

In this artwork I wanted to convey the ache, blisters and pain that a dancer is subject to after hours of dancing and to get…

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Rainy Day Lovers

‘Rainy Day Lovers’

This fine art piece is a digital watercolour depicting two lovers sharing a kiss as they walk through the park on a rainy spring afternoon.…

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Summer Fun

‘Summer Fun’

The inspiration of this piece came to me from sentimental memories of how I felt as a child and the fun and camaraderie that you…

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Hello is a digital watercolor piece depicting the innocence of childhood a time when everybody and everything is taken at face value with curiosity, wonder…

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Elation in the Dance

Elation in the Dance

This fine art piece is a contemporary illustrative work, depicting a couple that is lost in the dance as if they are the only two…

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Basket of Roses

Basket of Roses

This fine art piece is a contemporary style digital watercolour. My inspiration came from a Shakepeare quote “What’s in a name? That which we call…

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Seaside Memories

‘Seaside Memories’

This fine art piece is a digital watercolour inspired by a wonderful memory of a time I spent with my daughter and son at the…

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