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I want to bring to your attention a wonderful opportunity to start learning for free today with the amazing selection of live and on air classes from CreativeLive. You can learn creative skills from the world’s top experts – Pulitzer Prize, Grammy, Oscar Winners, and New York Times best selling authors, thought leaders, and legendary entrepreneurs. With over 1,500 curated classes in Photography & Video, Money & Life, Craft & Maker, Art & Design, and Music & Audio, there is something for everyone. Students can watch on-air broadcasts for free or buy a class and own the content for life.

Plus, you can get your daily creative fix on the iOS app with 1 free lesson of your choice, each and every day. I have posted this great resource as I think this is a great opportunity not just my artist community but for anyone who is into learning new things. There are so many topics to choose from that there is something there for just about everybody, so be sure to checking out! I might see you there as I think this is a great way to learn! Makes a great Gift!

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*The link to Creative Live is an affiliate link. This means I may garner a small commission at no cost to you if you register for their news letter, a free class or make a purchase. They have amazing live streaming classes and they offer them for free! You can’t get better than that! So you don’t have to buy anything from them to make me some grocery money. I make $1 for anyone who just signs up for their free account/newsletter. No cost to you for having a heads up to what is going on at creative live and I get money for groceries! Win – Win! Thanks for your support from this not so starving artist!


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